The visit of my new Domme friend

So my new Domme friend spent the afternoon with us. I provide only a flavour of highlights here because I have started working on Volume 12 of my published journals and the visit will be a full entry in that volume.

With half hour to go before Mistress Nicola arrival, bitch-boy was dressed in his black and white maid’s uniform and could not have been more anxious, fretful, miserable and despondent. I kept rubbing salt into the wound, asking what he though Mistress Nicola  would think of him so attired, and if she would laugh at his pretty curtseying, etc.

While it transpired to be the case that inflicting humiliation was less important to Mistress Nicola than inflicting physical discomfort, bitch-boy was certainly very, very humiliated anyway! But the physical discomforts were considerable. Twice, bound face down over the dining table for some SERIOUS punishment with every implement I possess. NO mercy, NO pity. He had a purpose to suffer for our pleasure and suffer he did!

On the BDSM bed, with coolness and determination, (among other things), Mistress Nicola  made sure his clitty received very, very thorough coverage with the nettles. NO mercy, NO pity. He had a purpose to suffer for our pleasure and suffer he did!

Before we left him for an hour in TSD, while we went out and sat in the sun, my most sadistic side emerged and I gave the offending object a very thorough coating with the Deep Heat roll-on applicator, (by way of demonstration). I don’t know if the deep Heat reacted with the nettle stings or it was simply the extensiveness of the coating, but much sobbing and whimpering followed us as we walked from the room and downstairs.

Much, much more must yet be written about, in fine detail!

LINK to my published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.

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6 Responses to The visit of my new Domme friend

  1. Christine M says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet
    I cannot help but wonder, given our past discussions, whether when you write “I gave the offending object a very thorough coating with the Deep Heat…”; does this mean you have escalated BB’s ‘treatment’ to coat his entire penis? Previously you wrote that you covered a large postage stamp area on the top surface of the shaft and on the underside of the shaft.
    When we first commenced with embrocation creams, I began with just treating the knob, which burnt badly; but it became so much more fun when I started liberally coating the entire organ.
    As we have discussed before, my boy is circumcised, and he finds the coating on the underside of the shaft, along the big blood vessel that runs the length of the penis, is by far the most excruciating. Needless to say, this means i focus on really polishing the Linnex into this area!
    My escalation threat remains to rub it into his testicles! I have even described to him in detail how I would apply it. This terrifies him as, on the odd occasion when he has gone limp, and a little of the salve has touched his testicles, it burns ferociously for several hours.
    One day…. maybe!

    Christine M

  2. petevans69 says:

    As always an awesome report by Mistress Scarlet!

  3. Christine M says:

    Oh that would have hurt, applied to freshly shaved skin. 😂

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