Deepest humiliation for bitch-boy, and so sore too!

Mistress Nicola visited again and through our emails since her first visit she had come to understand that I had not exposed to her my most EXTREME humiliations of bitch-boy; fearing the potential grotesqueness and weirdness of my approach may be too much for her. (While she has been into chastity control, bedtime control  and generous torture of her slave husband for several years, humiliation had not really featured to a great extent. She is delightfully sadistic when it comes to inflicting pain though, I have to say!)

Well Mistress Nicola asked that I put bitch-boy through his very worst humiliations on her second visit. She was intrigued and imagined she would enjoy his misery. Obviously I was very happy to do so.

Poor bitch-boy could not have been more humiliated as I put him though a number of routines involving; a sissy dance, introducing his dollies, nursery rhymes with actions, etc. On the look out for what was seriously killing him, I really dragged out the very worst moments. Having him answer questions, in whole sentences about the games he played with each dolly and which dolly was his favourite etc. I just kept coming up with new questions for him to answer. He was dying throughout with the intense shame! Delicious. Mistress Nicola introduced a wonderfully shaming new dance move from her past as a ballet pupil.

Not that bitch-boy avoided physical pain including a deterrent punishment that went on and on, and Mistress Nicola has a real penchant for the deeply stinging implements. Repeatedly using the four feet long and thin dressage whip and the agitation whip; creating  many, many thin red stripes of fire. He was later punished on that striped, sore butt after failing to stand correctly while being talked at. A default rule.

And I currently have the most amazingly stingy nettles. I have used them and kept them going all week, in a vase of water. They are brand new growth from the ground, rather than new offshoots off old stems that have flowered. (Not big and sturdy stems but flexible and small – but oh my!) Poor bitch-boy was sobbing and desperately pleading as Mistress Nicola just spent forever, brushing and brushing and brushing over every surface of his hard little clitty. Her calm, relaxed pleasure was as clear as was her relentlessness. My power rush watching her with the nettles was very pleasurable too!

Well Volume 12 of my published journals, with every morsel of fine detail, is filling up fast and I will soon think about a target publication date. Another entry will be required following this weekend; when Mistress Nicola is bringing her slave husband over, (now rechristened, pansy-piece), so he can experience some of my equipment; particularly the BDSM bed with the gynaecological stirrups.

LINK to my 11 published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.


3 thoughts on “Deepest humiliation for bitch-boy, and so sore too!

  1. such dedication to the use of stinging nettles!
    Brushing and brushing and brushing – BB’s little tiddler must have such a pretty pattern of red pimples all over it….
    will pansy-piece be discovering just how stingy they are too when he gets to visit?

    keep up the wonderful work
    kindest regards and the greatest respect

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