Why dress him in shaming outfits?

I come across Dommes now and again who are uninterested in petticoating humiliation of their sub males. Even a little dismissive, thinking it perhaps relatively pointless. I thought I should post how it became such a pleasure for me and why it is such a pleasure for the Dommes that use this torment.

It took me about four years to get to. I reached the point where my full-on domination days were punctuated with phases of seriously tough endurance for bitch-boy. Lots he struggled with; but they were all things that had in the past ticked his ‘fantasy’ boxes. Obviously, when they were all over he was in awe of me and submissively very content. Dominating him this was gave me considerable pleasure, but I suddenly wanted more intensity for me! I realised I wanted him to HATE what I put him through, even in fantasy, as that would be true evidence of my total power over him for me, (and for him). And total power is such an aphrodisiac! As is unfettered cruelty.

Thinking of him enduring what he really, really hated, got me wet. A huge power rush. It was not really practical to give him constant golden nectar, more thrashings or more coatings of embrocation on his birth defect and anyway, more short periods of pain in a session of many hours wasn’t what I was looking for. I  wanted him suffering every minute for hours at a time, not for only short periods.

I read about the full-on parody-of-a-little-girl treatment. I told him that was what I was thinking of doing. The forced role play on his part, constantly performing and usually with dollies. He looked very, very upset and shook his head silently. I could see he honestly, profoundly hated the notion. Never a fantasy of his. That moment, the thought of imposing it had me very wet! Because he hated it so. It would be PROPER evidence of MY POWER. And unlike a golden nectar, caning or embrocation cream, it could last hours. (There are so, so very many aspects of the treatment that can be employed.) And golden nectar, canings and embrocation could still be included.

So I went for it. It crushed him as I did not use half measures.

It did and still does have a powerful effect on me because it can last all day, or several days. And I have devised methods to keep the extreme levels of humiliation up for literally hours at a time.

One regular reciprocal visitor was not really into humiliation of her sub hubby; until the first time she visited me and she saw how much extreme mental pain it caused bitch-boy. In one brief afternoon with me, she went from pretty much ignoring regressing infantile style humiliation of her hubby, to making it a regular part of their sessions.

I should add that bitch-boy’s awe and worship and devotion consequently made a huge step change. I think he was so shocked that I was capable of doing something he truly hated and that I was getting very turned on because I was. And I was sparing him no blushes!  I paradoxically, I think, became his ultimate fantasy Domme. Not because of what I was doing, but because of my pitiless, selfish motivation for so doing whatever I wanted to.

That level of awe and worship and devotion lives on every day. I feel it almost all the time. Even in 100% vanilla times, even when I think I have messed up in some vanilla way, his unconditional devotion is like a warm bath that envelops me. I can literally do no wrong. And as I wrote on my blog, he is 100% man all of the time I am not dominating him. He revers after a couple of his hours of his shaming little girl treatment. Even if during it, he begged and begged with all his heart not to endure a second hour of this, or a third hour of that!

And obviously visitors, and particularly new visitors, send his humiliation off-the-scale! (Oh the constant whispered pleading and the physical trembling in the run up to the arrival!)Needless to say my feelings of truly cruel and pitiless power over my puppet, and y arousal are also pushed off-the-scale .


My 16th journal –  LINK

22 thoughts on “Why dress him in shaming outfits?

  1. Being treated as not worthy of being treated like an adult or not having the mental compacity to be or behave like an adult is very shaming and humiliating. Going out or having visitors come over is a very painful, painful reminder of me being a (little boy). Those looks people give me or the comments they might say, stay in my head for days and days. I knew how inferior I was as a man because of my small penis but I never understood how inferior my mind is until Mommy made me see how retarded I am. Mommy bought me some white linen pants and with the front pockets cut out I felt they might be kind of seethrough. When I bent over to look, Mommy said next time she sees me looking down at my penis without her telling me to will land me in BIG trouble.

    1. My mommy is my ex-wife I’m her little girl.giggles were from maine I love tights giggles sorry just I like your mmmmboy I be in trouble with mommy is I say it sorry no disrespect.curtsey gabrielle💒💒💒

  2. What an informative post. As I’ve said in another comment when I first read your blog many years ago I thought BB liked to be dressed as a little girl and you were just indulging him. Many men like being feminized, dressed as adult babies and sissy maids. So there is little or no humiliation for them. But this is a whole different thing. You seem to put a lot of thought into your domination of BB. It’s like you want to maximize any effort you put into dominating him. Which brings up another point I would like to make.

    Since the WWW started and I’ve been reading blogs and message boards there has been one constant thing I would see over and over. There are certain men who troll these blogs and message boards and read them and any written by a women that may be explicit they would comment that this cannot be written by a women because it’s too close to male fantasy folder and no women would do these kinds of things. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve saw that Elise Sutton was really a man (she’s not). Just last week Ms. Renee Lane was again accused of really being a man. And right here on this blog a few years ago someone left a comment for you Ms. Scarlet asking “Are you a dude?” But many men comment on here that BB lives their fantasy life.

    You may or may not know that your blog and many blogs like yours and the many wonderful women who leave comments on your blog show that indeed women can and do live these types of lifestyles and enjoy them. You state many times how much you enjoy your life dominating BB. The numerous women writing into your blog about their lifestyle, you can just feel the pleasure they get from their lifestyle in their writings. Your blog is shattering the stereotype that women just wouldn’t partake in this type of domination.

    1. I do find it amusing yes, thank you, and I think I will publish a post about Ms Josephine Drake as she seems to spookily and wonderfully share ALL my wicked tastes.

      I have an uncomfortable feeling that you enjoyed performing your shameful rendition, rather than were deeply humiliated by so doing. Is that the case?

      1. No Mistress Scarlet, I did not enjoy it. The clothespins had been on for over two hours as Mommy likes to hear them rattle while I clean and do chores. Then I had to perform the song over and over while Mommy caned me and/or raked the clothespins because I made a mistake, or did not show adequate girlish enthusiasm. The humiliation did fade a little, taken over by the pain and my focus on getting it right. But then when I watched the video it came flooding back ten fold causing me to burst out crying, wiggling and padding my feet in helpless sissy frustration. Every comment Mommy received about how ridiculous I am brought a fresh stab of shame and embarrassment, and the video still makes me sob and whimper with humiliation every time I watch it.

        1. You will not be surprised to learn that I am very pleased to hear about your misery. It is after all nothing less than little sissies deserve. And I hold Ms Drake in even higher esteem now! I will soon feature her, and your video link, in a post on this blog.

  3. When I met the male I would marry he told me about his crossdressing. Well I wanted to see this and it turned out he was very good at it. He could not just pass he was a head turner. He had lived at one time as a woman, attended church and meetings and he knew style and what worked for him or didn’t work. He dressed for his body and age. His late wife had honed those skills and he was good at it. So when the idea of a girls night out came up he wound up dancing with as many men as I did.

    So I decided every sissy male should spend time as a little girl and every sissy male should experience being shown off to certain friends and family members. I had him in severe chastity, a short full dress, petticoats and the cutest pair of Mary Janes I ever saw. We had a little all girls party here at the house and my two adult daughters attended along with a couple of lady’s I knew.

    The sissy just about died of embarrassment when he was ordered to show off his sissy panties and the pink chastity device under them. My oldest daughter was very interested in the device and the poor sissy was obligated to answer all her questions about the device and his ridiculously small penis. She wanted to know if he could still get hard? Was he allowed sex? Did he enjoy the licking he was allowed to do? Did he like men? Did he give blow jobs? He had to stand there with his panties down, his dress pulled up and his device on display and honestly answer her very probing questions.

    His humiliation is exciting for both of us.

    Linda Whip

      1. As a parody of a little girl, a sissy maid and a well turned out assistant. Just the other day he was serving at home. One of my friends call him Martha and it has stuck so now he is Martha. But on this day I had him in black trousers, black pumps with a inch and a half block heel, a white blouse with short slightly puffed sleeves. He was serving coffee to the small group of business women and one of them commented on what an adorable thing he was. Martha and her had a short fashion talk. he was asked to lift his pant leg so she could see his shoe. She asked my permission to go on a shoe shopping expedition with Martha and they set a date.I am sure it will be a humiliating experience for poor Martha.

  4. My ex wife cuckolded me, it really helped me to accept it when she had me dress in something embarrassing. Usually it was a short babydoll, which was all i was allowed to wear. She would paddle my bare bottom then have me answer the door when her friend arrived. it really made a difference, to me at least and she was happy that i was obedient to both of them.

      1. I suppose it drives home the point that he is truly a sissy and that his duty is to support his beautiful wife. He may still be humiliated but this is a sissy’s lot.

  5. Dear Mistress Scarlet. I love your blog! I wrote a poem for your amusement… or to be treated with disdain and contempt. As you like.

      1. What an honour, Mistress Scarlet, Ma’am.

        I shall be sure to write out your improved first line of verse 5 five hundred times, to help me improve.

  6. I don’t know if it can be defined as shaming but of the cruelest clothes that the Mistress sometimes imposes on me is this hessian underwear that you can see in this link.


    It is made to measure and, often, Mistress requires me to wear it under a maid uniform while doing housework.
    In particular, she likes to make me wear it when her fun of the moment is to have me as a lower level scoundrel.
    In these cases, I must wear the hessian underwear.
    Above of it, in addition to the inevitable corset (which makes contact with the terrible material even harder to bear) the most worn out of my maid uniforms, full of tears and of mending, at the foot a pair of equally worn domestic slippers, a disheveled and deformed wig.
    She impose me a very heavy metal collar, wristbands and anklets joined by heavy chains and a heavy ball to the foot.
    To this she adds a penis gag and in this humiliating estate I have to do the housework without the aid of model tools and, therefore, sweep and wash the floors on all fours, wash the laundry all by hand and so on.
    Hessian underwear is terribly uncomfortable, stinging and annoying and working on it in chains, it becomes absolutely intolerable after a very short time. Then often the Mistress canes my ass before getting dressed and then the terrible material rubs on the red skin and becomes even more unbearable.
    It often happens that the Mistress has me in this way and then I go out with my friends leaving me to my sufferings.
    Often during those long and tiring days I happen to burst into tears for my condition but, even more, for the unbearable feeling of hessian underwear.
    When the Mistress comes home and see me in chains dressed as the last of the servants and exhausted from fatigue and suffering, she gets excited to masturbate almost always.
    Once she cums, she enjoys humiliating me for a few hours before finally taking off my cruel underwear while I, despite the sufferings she imposes on me, thank her humbly by licking her shoes and swearing my eternal love and eternal submission.
    sissy slave m

  7. Thanks Mistress.
    It will be an honor for me, with the permission of my Mistress, to tell other details of my miserable life under the dominion and tyranny of my divine Goddes.
    Stiks my ass is an error in the translation from Italian. I meant to say that Mistress hits my butt with the cane.
    I humbly ask for forgiveness for my ignorance.
    sissy slave m.

    1. Mistress Linda made the decision that a sissy must always wear pretty shoes, panties and a bra regardless of whatever said sissy may be wearing.
      While serving coffee and pastries for Mistress and some business associates one of the women said ” you are a real Martha Stewart ” and I have been Martha ever since.
      Mistress Linda enjoys my humiliation and embarrassment. It is a test of my loyalty and submission. I am seldom in full feminine attire now days but I still wear my pretty shoes and the mandatory feminine underwear. As in person shopping is not happening right now I have been spared the embarrassment of shoe shopping. Mistress as assured me that as soon as the shops open she is going to enjoy my shopping for dressy flats to incorporate into my boy clothing.


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