Maximising the effect on the submissive (part 2)

So far there has been universal agreement with the theory I set out in yesterday’s post, with one caveat.

If the Domme makes it ABSOLUTELY clear to the submissive that the Domme is a sadist and many acts in which they partake are to satisfy their sadistic desires, then there is no need to verbalise their sadism. I will stress however that there must be no doubt in the mind of the submissive. Any such doubt should be eradicated by verbalising. If in doubt, verbalise.

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1 thought on “Maximising the effect on the submissive (part 2)

  1. I have been a sub since my early teens and nothing excites me more than mean, playful / mischievous girls (then) / women (now) – Satisfying and amusing such women so they are laughing and having a good time, was and is far more interesting and exciting than anything
    I didn’t discover that what I liked had a name / term: Femdom until my early 20s (early 90’s) when by chance I discovered in a newsagent the magazine Female In a World of Fantasy
    kindest regards

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