Distressing partial ignoring

I know I do bang on about partial ignoring a lot, but it is one of most my favourite things. I find it sooooo relaxing and arousing!

Having bitch-boy in sensory deprivation bondage for an hour or two, his only contact with me the occasional top-up of nettles stings or a nasty cream to his clitty. I sit downstairs, reading, watching TV, swiping on my device, on telephone calls, sunbathing, whatever. I am so relaxed and content and he is so very miserable! Now and again I look at the tiny baby monitor receiver screen to see him in his total bondage. The feeling of total power is delicious.  I have to use my massager wand on myself every now and then, to relieve the arousal. I have even been known to prep the evening meal, (slaves work!), rather than free him to do so. I would actually prefer to prep the evening meal while thinking of his suffering and my power, as I prep.

Having bitch-boy do colouring-in with his dolly while I mostly ignore him. How he truly hates those hours of humiliating misery – passing by so slowly. While I sit reading, watching TV, swiping on my device, on making telephone calls; sunbathing, whatever. I occasionally look down at him, so very miserable and humiliated, and I am sooooo relaxed and content. As the hours pass, he repeatedly gets to hear the massager wand throb and pulse and then my ecstatic cries of orgasmic bliss. I am quite happy for him to look up and observe me. It simply further reinforces for him the difference in status and lifestyle between him in his chastity and subjugation and I. It is the second and third consecutive days that REALLY DISTRESS him, and seriously give me my power rush. (Although an hour is all that is required to achieve the effect of partial ignoring.)

Having gone through a serious number of hours of colouring-in with dolly the day before, the appropriate time the following day is reached when he presents himself in front of me and I say those dreaded words, ‘Time for colouring-in with dolly little maggot, for 4 or 5 hours.‘ I can see the distress in his eyes as he thinks about how much of his previous day was agonisingly consumed by colouring-in with his dolly, and how this humiliating and tedious misery is to continue today. And is the 4 or 5 hours a mind-fuck, or will it actually be 4 or 5 hours, as it has been on many days in his life over the past few years.

I do acknowledge that one requirement of Partial Ignoring, is time. Lots of time. I know this is a problem for many FLR couples when there are other DS activities to also be fitted in, but any Domme with the time, who has not tried partial ignoring; please try it. You might be surprised at the power rush.

It may be he is writing lines, or cleaning a few pairs of your boots or trainers. You can occasionally glance at him, so very miserable and humiliated while you watch TV, swiping on my device, on making telephone calls, sunbathing, whatever. A few other activites could be:

  • lay on their back on the floor, wrists secured to collar, and lick the sole of the foot or shoe of the dominant which is resting on the submissive’s lips – and the submissive must kiss/lick continuously;


  • stand in the corner with wrists bound behind them and holding a coin to the wall with their nose;


  • practice curtseying, over and over, possibly while facing the wall;


  • clean the floor with a toothbrush;


  • completing a large pile of ironing;


I do cover partial ignoring more fully, with more activities, in my BDSM manual, devoting almost 3 pages to it; such is my passion for the activity.

9 thoughts on “Distressing partial ignoring

  1. Sounds very lovely, Ms Scarlet.

    Have you ever used bitch boy as a table?
    I have a picture of a woman sitting in a chair reading while her sub is hooded, on all fours, arms and legs bound with rope, and a tray across his back. The tray has a lit candle and a glass of wine upon it. Mmmmm, wonderful thoughts.

    1. I have used him as a table, but for seriously long periods of partial ignoring, remaining in one position on all fours becomes almost impossible. I think I do know the images to which you refer, She has black hair in a bob style and he has his wrists and elbows bound together with rope. Very hot pics!

      1. I️ did wonder how long one could stay like that.

        Yes, you are thinking of the same ones. I️ agree, very hot.

  2. Have you got to the three pages yet in the manual? On Sat, 11 Nov 2017 at 11:29, Real Life Female Domination wrote:

    > msscarlet9015 posted: “I know I do bang on about partial ignoring a lot, > but it is one of most my favourite things. I find it sooooo relaxing and > arousing! Having bitch-boy in sensory deprivation bondage for an hour or > two, his only contact with me the occasional top-up of n” >

  3. Ms Scarlet, once again the misery You inflict so well on bb is truly amazing. It must really be hard for him to deal with it, the endless tedium of coloring with no end in sight except additional time spent at it, and knowing the sheer Pleasure You so rightly deserve and derive. I find the effort he expends at this task and You getting enormous pleasure from bb miserable life is an huge power rush, and extremely erotic to me as a follower of bb and You. I as a reader would love to know more about how You could escalate even more of these type of tasks to produce even greater rewards to Your pleasure. I am sure there are infinite ways out there to truly increase bb misery.

    1. Actually I am not sure there are many things I could change to increase bb’s misery (and my pleasure) when I am dominating him. I have spent a good number of years homing what I do.

  4. Maybe I may suggest one thing which for sure will increase his misery: the good old KTB. This evil device placed on his cock will sure be fun for You. Let him watch some Porno with it or stimulate his penis while he is wearing one. There are endless possibilities.

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