Sweet for her, nasty for him.

To what does the heading refer? I refer to tone of voice and demeanour.

One thing I REALLY love, which you occasionally see in Femdom videos, is the schizophrenic tonal style Dommes can adopt when there is more than one of them present with one sub male.

The females speak to each other with sweet voices and a pleasant, patient, demeanour; BUT, in an instant, when their voice is directed at the male sub, sweet and pleasant is replaced with malevolent and impatient and irritated. Then, speaking to the sub is over, and the tone and demeanour of sweet and  pleasant and patient returns as the Domme addresses a fellow female.

Two Dommes or several Dommes applying this schizophrenic tonal style alternation is a delight to witness. It is something Mistress Nicola does sometimes when visiting bitch-boy and I, and it is a joy to witness.

The implication is clear. The Domme applying this schizophrenic tonal style alternation demonstrates what a considerate, contented and polite person she is when addressing a fellow female, but then, when addressing the sub she shows her utter contempt of him and absence of patience or leniency. She is irritated the male exists at all. Slow responses will not be tolerated. The smallest infractions will not be tolerated. Delightful!

9 thoughts on “Sweet for her, nasty for him.

  1. You are exactly right about how two or more Dominant women behave with a submissive male. I have had many scenes with two or more Dominant females and they always are so sweet and nice to each other, but chastise me with strident voices. And, they are much more extreme in their behavior towards me.

    I love the scenes in your books when bitch boy is dominated by two females. One of the epic events in your books are the girls parties with your sisters and friends. I especially liked the birthda party involving your shower. WOW.

    Thank you Mistress Scarlett for writing about many of your experiences.

  2. I’ve also been in the receiving end if this kind of language pattern. Women who have sissified and dominated me have also spoken to me in harsh, angry and controlling ways, making me quake in my pantied sissihood while speaking sweetly and kindly to other women either in person and especially while on the phone.
    Surely and excellent training and reinforcement tool.
    Thanks for sharing this Ma’am .
    sissy cindy lynn

  3. Love Your post. i’ve been really fortunate to be dominated by more than one woman a few times. My dear Spouse really enjoyed the last time with a Woman who was so skilled, so feminine, and so in control. We both were submissive to Her, but i was several wrungs below my Spouse. She later told a friend “the Domme was really, really nice to Me, and really, really mean to him. It was so hot!”

  4. Dear Mistress Scarlet. This is so so true. In my capacity as a house maid I served at lots of parties and the most amazing thing is that all of the Dommes immediately talked down to me and one of them at random would usually seek permission from my Mistress at the time,to beat and humiliate me for no apparent reason other than their pleasure. It would then become a central attraction and once led to two magnificent Dommes trying to outdo one another both in the beating of my ass and my very public humiliation! They would be insulting me from the start treating me like a bimbo and an imbecile while talking sweetly to each other and everyone who was watching. It was very humiliating and my blushes were always very apparent! My Mistress loved it and encouraged them to continue until I was severely beaten! I would then be left tied over the spanking bench for a good half an hour or so before being put back to work serving everyone refreshments.i would usually be serving until the very early hours of the morning! Love everything you do to bitch boy! Though I do sympathise with him when he is so utterly degraded and miserable.
    With respect Mistress Scarlet,
    maid matilda (uk)

  5. Sorry for the delayed response to this wonderful post but it’s been my privilege to actually experience this phenomenon spontaneously when I was serving a lesbian domme and her girlfriend one weekend about 10 years ago. Initially the latter had been very reluctant to have me in their home as a slave/servant so in order to placate her partner my Mistress had made it clear to me before the event that whenever I wasn’t actually serving either of them or carrying out tasks I was to be kept in a cupboard under the stairs out of sight and sound. On the day in question I’d been sitting squeezed in the cupboard trying to avoid cramps for around 2 hours or so after carrying out morning tasks. I heard Mistress and her partner walk past to the entrance door, which was nearby the cupboard. I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying but I could definitely over hear their quiet – affectionate – tone (the type that people who ae in love habitually use between themselves). Next thing heard the front door close and someone walked to the cupboard and opened the door. And it was then, when Mistress saw I’d switched on the internal light, that she made her feelings clear. It was no act. It was almost as if without her partner present she could let rip. She was almost spitting with anger when she saw I’d been sitting in light and not total darkness. It wasn’t simply the words she used to express her anger but most of all it was her tone which expressed her utter contempt for me along with her anger at how my very presence in her home had caused offence to her partner. On my knees, head prostate, forehead touching the floor I felt like a dog which was about to be beaten. Fortunately for me Mistress was content with some hard face slaps and pulling me fully by the hair my hair as she half dragged me on all fours into the kitchen which I was told to clean all over again. I was seared by the experience. At the same time I was in complete awe of my Mistress and her anger. And here’s the thing; your post brought back to me the contrast between how she’d spoken to her partner only seconds before she spoke to me. Sorry to have gone on at such length.

  6. The two women that dominate me, are very much like this. They are mother and daughter and so have a lot to catch up on when a weekend visit is arranged with me in attendance. Once dressed as a baby and put in my playpen they will have a cup of coffee and chat away politely, but at any moment either of them might snap out at me and have me trembling with fear. They know that this sudden change keeps me nervous and very intimidated. I am also fearful that the situation might escalate and they will both start snapping at me till I crumble and start to weep. This can be hard to avoid but never receives any sympathy. Quite the reverse in fact. If I act like a crybaby they love to twist the knife and ridicule me all the more. They love it when I’m so scared that I wet my nappy.

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