Name to shame: Part 3 (with photo)

A huge thank you to all contributors on this topic. Just a brief post to let you know I have decided on the name for bitch-boy’s thirteen inch, deep throating, training dildo as — Sissy Slut Skewer. Triple S, for short.

My reasons are:

  • that it defines him both as a sissy and a slut,
  • the abbreviation of Triple S rolls nicely off the tongue,
  • and importantly, for my amusement and his humiliation, it has lots of the letter S, so when he explains to visitors what Triple S stands for, he will have to be lisping LOTS of S sounds, poor puppet. (Thithy Thlut Thkewer.)

Here is a photo of it all marked up with its measured graduations, the purpose of which is pretty obvious in the training context.

3 thoughts on “Name to shame: Part 3 (with photo)

  1. Thithy Thlut Thkewer – brilliant!
    Can only imagine, how many times BB will be commanded to repeat himself, so his superiors fully understand what he is saying!
    what fun!

  2. I have to thank you for your blog in that it has made me realize that I would be happiest in a relationship with a dominant AND sadistic Owner. Your entries provide a realistic map for a successful and lasting relationship.

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