Stinging Nettles Expertise (Photo)

This post is not solely about the use of stinging nettles on the tender portions of a slave but is also about the optimisation of nettles in climates like the UK which have a winter season when the wild nettles disappear. Both myself and Governess Lexi ADORE using nettles on bitch-boy’s cock. REALLY ADORE IT! So October is a sad time which usually means the first frosts and this means the end of wild nettles until the following spring. What follows is a summary of what I have learned though this Summer and Autumn which you may find useful. I have provided a link to a pic of bb’s little cock with stings on while in his nettle blanket in response to a request to do so. His cock is already wilting, just from the first swipe of the nettles. There were many, many more swipes from Lexi and I on that occasion!

What I have learned.

The nettle stings are most potent on stems that have not flowered. As well as the intense immediate sting, the sting lasts for about 4 hours. Stings on stems that have flowered and gone to seed (so have gone a bit grey) do not sting so much and the sting only lasts about ten minutes. (The flowers are tiny green balls in bunches like tiny grapes.) Cutting the stem below the flowers as soon as they start to form appears to prolong the intensity of the sting from the leaves that remain and the bright green side shoots that subsequently grow from that stem, which sting a lot but the sting only lasts around half hour.

So bright green stems without flowers are the best.

Obviously the solution to the stings not lasting so long this time of year, it to make the first application VERY THOROUGH and then apply top-up stings every half hour.

This winter, like a few of my followers, I will be growing nettles in a large pot in a green house and see if I can get new bright green shoots all through the winter. Using the nettle blanket, (or the sunglasses pouch), a stem only needs to be the length of a pen to be perfectly adequate to use. And as few as two such stems can be VERY EFFECTIVE!

 For those that like nettles torment and have not read my published journals, you can find detailed accounts of this organic, natural treatment starting in the very first journal.


14 thoughts on “Stinging Nettles Expertise (Photo)

  1. oh wow – how magnificent!!!
    The picture posted called AFTER THE FIRST NETTLE SWIPE – is everything I have imagined from reading your journals and more! Thank you so much for posting Ms Scarlet

    the nettles really do bring up some lovely big red pimples!!!

    which I suspect are super painful!
    I assume the 1st swipe is just one of many swipes

    can’t begin to imagine what AFTER THE last NETTLE SWIPE would have BB’s little clitty looking like?!

    respectful fear of you

  2. A delightful post Ma’am! You are truly an expert on nettles and the torment of the penis. I love the photo of bb’s penis and the obvious blisters…I’ve never been “nettled”, so I can only imagine the pain this causes. And, bb must be very grateful that his loving Mistress cares enough for his well-being and discipline to ensure a healthy supply of nettles is available year round! I know bb is truly in awe of you, Ma’am…and so am I!

  3. Mistress Scarlet…. i must agree with the previous two correspondents, an excellent post and most informative. i feel “Nettle Punishment” is one of the most effective/feared forms of control, as such repeated detail are always welcomed. As you are aware Mistress Serena frequently uses this method of control on myself, whilst i hate & dread such, it has to be noted that such treatment is “welcomed” as it enhances our D/s relationship to the max.

  4. Mistress Scarlet
    Might I enquire of the nettles, since we do not have where we reside, how they compare to your Deep Heat Rescue? I did acquire this recently. This seems to burn intensely for ten minutes or so before it gradually fades. This compares to the Linex Stick, which is perhaps not quite as intense, though it seems close, but which maintains it’s fiery heat for over 45 mins, before gradually subsiding. Do the nettles reach the same intensity as the Deep Heat? When you say the effects last for four hours, is this four hours of intense pain, or more a feeling of discomfort?

    1. First Christine, I must say the tone of your questions indicates a most delightfully cruel, merciless and dedicated persona. You and I would get on so well together dealing with a helpless male.

      (I confess I have not used a Linux stick. It does not appear to be available in the UK.) I would say nettle stings are initially worse than the Muscle Rescue Deep Heat and the spring time nettle stings while lasting for four hours of proper discomfort, probably fade to being less painful than Muscle Rescue Deep heat after about 15 to 20 minutes. I hope this is helpful.

  5. I hope I am not going to cause trouble for Bitch Boy here :) … But, Linnex is definitely available in the UK, as this is where I got it on a vacation. See
    Oh my! I wish we had the nettles, delightful to hear they are initially worse than the Deep Heat, and taking longer to fade.
    That is why I love Linnex, a good 45 minutes of the most intense screaming and writhing from my litle boy, for so litle effort on my part. And with the use of a heat pack it lasts even longer. I was feeling extra generous yesterday, and gave him a triple Linnex! A full coating applied each hour on the hour x3. I wrapped him in plastic wrap like a mummy first, so he couldn’t escape. Good job we live in the country, he screamed and bounced around, he pleaded and begged for mercy. So amusing. He was quite hoarse and totally distressed by the end,

  6. Seasonality and size of the red pimples – fluffy always reads with both trepidation & excitement reports on BB’s adventures with stinging nettles – so understands that the stinging nettles that are still standing in the UK now are weaker or less stingy than those Spring ones – so wondered does this impact the size of the sore red pimples as per the picture you kindly posted?

    the red pimples posted on the picture look sizable so I wondered if this was from stinging nettles that had not flowered?

    respect from

      1. fluffy speaking in the third person: this comes from fluffy’s way into discovering femdom – which was via the series of Gor books (mainly maledom – but with femdom – as it describes a slave based world, where men and women can be enslaved) where the purpose of having a slave speak in 3rd person is nothing other than total objectification. In the Gorean mindset, having a slave speaking in 3rd person was most often used with a “new or punished slave”. It was used to make him/her understand that he/she is nothing more than a “slave animal or livestock” to be done with as their owners see fit.

        The main use for the third person, was, as stated, objectification of the slave, to reinforce the slaves position, and to force the slave to be aware of what they said and their thought process.

        respect from

        1. I have not read the Gor books but I understood the dehumanising nature of taking about one’s self in the third person required that you do not have a name. So, when you write or speak, it should not be ‘fluffy is circumcised’ it should be, ‘this slave is circumcised’ or, ‘this sissy is circumcised.’ Dependant upon whether your owner has decreed you are a slave or a sissy. ???????

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