Which hardcopy and on-line mainstream magazines?

I have honed my faux article on orgasm benefits of being a Domme and added to it the faithfulness benefits of being a Domme. (Blog posts of 25 May and 1 June this year.) I would like to send it to vanilla women’s hardcopy and on-line magazines who might be bold enough to publish it. But which magazines. I have no idea which ones in English speaking countries might publish it.

Can any of you wonderful blog followers identify suitable magazines that may be racy or brave enough to publish such an article?

I will add these orgasm and faithfulness benefits to my blog page entitled, Ladies- Adopt the Lifestyle.


So you want more and better orgasms and a faithful partner? Get a submissive!

So many articles appear on increasing the number and intensity of women’s orgasms and others on faithfulness of partners, but never is mentioned the following GUARANTEED strategy. Before continuing, it is true to say that, for a large part of society, this is taboo, just like discussing gay sex was fifty years ago.

There are many, many true submissives in our population. (Why do you think there are so very many wealthy, professional dominatrix?) These male and female true submissives usually discover they are sexually submissive before they reach puberty. They are only truly content if they are dominated by another person, at least in the bedroom. Truly dominated; not just playing a game. True submissives can come from any upbringing, often loving and nurturing homes; their submissiveness is not the result of abuse during their early lives.   It could possibly be due to a parasite carried by cats! Google Toxoplasma gondii. Go figure!

In order to feel truly dominated, things must happen to them they would prefer did not. They might be coerced to take responsibility for tedious chores, or be spanked just that bit longer and harder than they believe they can cope with, or humiliated, perhaps a male having to wear pink panties, (as a starter). Humiliated just that bit more intensely than they believe they can cope with.  

Having to do the tedious chores, (another benefit), or be spanked or humiliated – a little more than they believe ‘they can cope with’, proves to them that it is not simply a domination game. This other person has total control and is proving this domination and control is REAL.

What has this to do with my orgasms you ask! Well I am a dominant  woman and I have done some research and found that power truly is a MASSIVE aphrodisiac. Women who have adopted a life of, or sessions of, real power over their sexual partner, ALWAYS move from none or average orgasms, to numbers and intensities previously only dreamed of. ALWAYS! Many like me, having perhaps a dozen HUGE orgasms during a few hours of dominance. Aching, shaky legs from those orgasms!

And the relationship intensity and intimacy and loyalty is as strong as can be. When those things the submissive do not enjoy are all over, they adore their dominant and sleep the most contented sleep; knowing they are helplessly in the power of another.

In addition, the sex life does not fade away over the years. It remains as intense as it ever was; decade after decade after decade.

I can hear those judgmental do-gooders reading this, screaming, ‘These true submissives need help and therapy. They need rescuing and converting’. Well this is what was shamefully said about gay people not so long ago! So if you are screaming that; SHAME ON YOU! I can assure you that true submissives do not want to change. They adore the intensity of feelings and relationships they experience when their submissive needs are met.

If you really want to be virtuous, go and find a true submissive and begin a dominant relationship with them. Then you will be bringing fulfilment to their otherwise unfulfilled lives. And bring fulfilment to you too! Best estimates suggest the number of discontented, unfulfilled, male and female submissives among us, currently outnumber female dominants by about one hundred to one. And honestly, anyone can become a dominant and get hooked on, and benefit from, that aphrodisiac power and the benefits.

As long as you are able to raise a middle digit to conservative societal values, (which remember only 50 years ago condemned gay people to prison and worse), then you can become a dominant; and become an orgasm Queen into the bargain!

But there is a second massive benefit from finding a true submissive and beginning a dominant relationship with them. FAITHFULNESS.

As the years go by, so many vanilla men seek out a ‘younger model’ during their long term relationships. A prettier face, a firmer body, more exciting sex; whatever. And of course this is compounded by the fact that we do all get older. We may well all get a little less attractive than we once were.

Well for vanilla women this can be a worrying threat, but for dominant women it really is an irrelevance. In fact the shoe is on the other foot. True submissives know how many of them there are and how rare dominant women are.

If a submissive is lucky enough to be in a long term relationship with a Dominant, they know how fortunate they are. They know there is a queue of 100 other submissives who would jump at the chance of replacing them and serving the dominant instead. So even if we have used our pretty faces and or our attractive bodies as a source of attraction at the outset, well as we get older, emphasis on face and body can fade into the background and be replaced by emphasis on sessions of dominance. The sub will remain UTTERLY ADDICTED to the dominant right through to the end of their lives.

Of course not all women are born to have pretty faces or amazing bodies. But if they choose to be dominant, they can still have a queue of submissives from which to choose. And the chosen one will be besotted and addicted as though their dominant was a twenty year old supermodel.

In these relationships, the sub is frightened of losing the dominant. I am realistic to accept that, like me, many dominants do not want to lose their sub either! Well trained, and hugely adorable and valuable for many reasons when in vanilla mode; but the sub is petrified of losing their dominant even then. Unequalled loyalty over decades through the phenomenon of supply and demand and the deep compulsive, drive to be submissive to a dominant.

Finally it must be made clear that it is rare for a submissive to be a beta to the outside world. Many submissives, like mine, are charming and assertive and very successful alphas. Why do you think Dominatrix can charge so much! He is my protector and a force of nature. He is my knight in shining armour, an impressive person indeed. It is our little secret as to who wears the trousers so often when we are alone! But even when we are alone, I can and do choose to have him in his vanilla mode quite often when we snuggle down to watch TV, or share a wonderful meal. Life could not be better.



26 thoughts on “Which hardcopy and on-line mainstream magazines?

  1. Possible Cosmopolitan! They seem to have an article about sex in every issue. They might look at this as a unique view that might sell issues. I don’t read the mag, but do see it at every supermarket checkout.

  2. Really great article, well done and very true! I can tell the same thing from the other side of the river.

  3. The tag line might be shorter as it is in that magazine’s format:
    “Get all what YOU want now, get a submissive!”
    “Want the best orgasms of your life? Get a subbie!”

    When I was married, she ordered me a subscriptions to Cosmo and some other women’s magazines with my name on the labels which I was required to read and talk about, articles, fashion, ads, etc. I was told to be up on the latest trends so I could be more available for “girl talk” when her friends visited.

  4. Wow, what an awesome short article about the gains of Femdom leadership. As you talked about with loyalty, converting and completely controlling an alpha, the ability to have insane orgasms as long as you have the strength to allow him to continue. As an older Woman a sub man that thinks I am his everything, each year his desire to prove to me this love and devotion.
    Thank you very much, I wouldn’t mind posting it on mine, My goal was always to show Woman how to have an excellent man.

    1. Please post away! The more women we get the message to the better. I will be sending the article to about 6 mainstream publications and see if it gets published in any.

  5. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I you know from my previous posts on your blog, I am a fan but not a drooling sycophant. So with that in mind, I would like to really wholeheartedly applaud you for your vision and passion in spreading the message about the benefits of DS relationships (and for advocating on behalf of submissive like myself) to a wider audience.

    There are dozens of magazines aimed at women with all sorts of interests (see https://www.magazine.co.uk/magazine-subscriptions-for-women or just wander through any large WH Smith). I would suggest that you aim widely by contacting a variety (for example, wedding magazines may be interested!), but you should check the authors’ instructions for each publication you contact to make sure your piece is suitable for them. Magazines will often be looking for a piece of copy to fill a particular section of their publication, and if yours fits in without too much editing, they are more likely to accept it.

    Additionally you could look for online fora which attract a mainly female audience, such as MumsNet; or consider releasing your article as a podcast.

    One word of caution though, remember that the wider you make your views known outside of a self-selecting niche, the more likely you are to encounter negative reactions or nosy (and persistent!) journalists who want to intrude into your private life.

    Wishing you every success, but please do take care.

  6. If only this message could get into the mainstream it would change everything. As a submissive Male it would make me more comfortable and open about my feelings and hopefully make women understand that people like me are not perverts or freaks

  7. Hello, Ms. Scarlet –

    I’m writing to alert you to a femdom book and film project and to thank you for all the material you have contributed to the cause as well. The book, Finding Love Through Female Domination, touches on several themes your blog posts are concerned with, particularly real lifestyle accounts, but I chose to comment under this post because, like yourself, the author, Ms. Renee Lane, is attempting to expand the reach and acceptability of FLR/femdom relationships into the public at large and especially to women.

    Ms. Lane details her total enslavement of her husband over the course of 10 years. In fact, her arrangement is somewhat similar to the recent Domination Menage a Trois series of posts you recently published (I do love those posts!) , as Ms. Lane also has a long-term female lover, although her slave’s circumstances are perhaps not as severe as those Mistress Corinne and her partner impose on their own.

    In addition, Ms. Lane has authorized her friend, Ms. Viola Strepsata Voltairine, a lifestyle dominant woman and professional film producer, to produce a movie version of the book. She has taken the crowdfunding generated thus far and done initial preproduction and has shot the footage for a teaser trailer. Ms. Lane even hopes to start a female supremacist society and has pledged any proceeds from the film to help fund this effort.

    I understand you are to be contacted through blog comments, and so I will provide some contact links here to edit as you wish. I do hope you see fit to publish them and/or direct your readers to this project at least by name. They are verifiably real women, and I believe they are sincere in their motivation to promote the femdom lifestyle and philosophy, not merely seeking profit.

    Find out about the book, the movie project, and how to support it here:

    Find out more about Ms. Renee Lane and Ms. Viola Strepsata Voltairine here:
    Ms. Renee Lane: https://fetlife.com/users/6049024
    Viola Strepsata Voltairine: https://fetlife.com/users/3520419
    Ms. Lane’s writings and picture captions expand on her femdom philosophy and also serve to add context to the events of the book. They are well worth a read.

    As I mentioned, I am a regular reader of your blog posts, and I also own and have enjoyed most of your journals and your manual. I am especially impressed with your femdom manual. It is thoughtful in its explanation of the psychology of male submission and detailed in its presentation of the techniques.

    I also have particularly enjoyed the posts from Mistress Christine, Lady Jessica, and Mistress Corinne. I am looking forward to Lady Jessica’s account of “the great rebellion” referred to in one of her earlier posts.

    Thank you for all the work you have put into your blog and your willingness to share this personal material with us. Your dedication to the cause is most impressive and appreciated.

    1. Oh Picot, I am so, so saddened by these books and projects. I have little doubt the women involved are sincere in their motivation and I would applaud their aims, if there were the evidence there to support their aims are those you suggest. But the evidence is not there.

      You are right that my primary motivation in a huge amount I do, is to attempt to persuade vanilla women to try dominance; exclusively though – dominance with A NATURALLY SUBMISSIVE MALE. For over 20 years of research engaging with hundreds and hundreds of submissive males, a great many of whom have failed to persuade their vanilla woman to try dominance, I have learned two key things.
      Firstly, as far as vanilla women are concerned the theme must only be about NATURALLY SUBMSSIVE MEN, so ANY talk of female supremacy, which is about dominance over all men, is profoundly unhelpful. And secondly, one MUST put oneself into the shoes of a totally vanilla woman and when one does so, a number of key issues have to be made clear.
      Regarding submissive males;
      • That submissive males are not in any way weak when it comes to how they behave when not in submissive mode. And their company can be enjoyed in both vanilla and submissive modes, even when the relationship involves full-on female dominance.
      • That submissive males have not made a choice; they are submissive; like gay men are gay.
      • That the clear indications of submissiveness, although they do not understand at the time, begin before puberty.
      • That submissive males can only be content when they feel helplessly in the power of a mean, dominant woman.

      Regarding vanilla women.
      • They see dominatrices as sex workers and as mentally very weird.
      • They see dungeons and activities therein as seriously perverted and disgusting.
      • So clothing associated with dominatrices is frowned upon and some of it is very uncomfortable anyway.

      So unless those seven bullet points are thoroughly catered for in an attempt to persuade vanilla women to try dominance, that attempt will fail and will probably put vanilla women off even more than they are already. (As did 50 Shades, whose worse sins are depicting the submissive as reluctant; rather than, as submissives actually are – desperate to be dominated and treated with meanness.)

      And a picture paints a thousand words I am afraid. What do we have as the cover image in each link you provided? Women in thigh high boots, which BTW are impossible to sit in a chair in with any comfort, above the elbow gloves which are thoroughly impractical, and corsets which are incredibly uncomfortable, especially for the bigger woman. And the overall implication in each image is of a professional dominatrix. As far as a vanilla woman is concerned, a sex worker. These are the very last images one would show a vanilla women if you genuinely wanted to persuade her to try dominance. Which leads me to the conclusion that, either and in each case, the target market is solely submissive men, or the women involved in these links are utterly unable any more to put themselves into the shoes of a fully vanilla woman.

      Obviously, I have the greatest respect for dominatrices and I do not consider them to be sex workers, but I am not a vanilla woman.

      I would love to be involved in a movie project truly thought through and aimed at vanilla women but it would not be a sexually thrilling movie for submissive males who have been cruising internet femdom for a few years. My free Alternative Website and my very low cost Beginner’s Manual have been consulted on and carefully crafted and branded for consumption by vanilla women and they are a million miles from the nature of the images in links you have provided.
      So with huge regret, I am saddened that the links you provide are intended to persuade vanilla women to try dominance as they will not achieve that goal; they will probably do the exact opposite, although they might be exciting for submissive males and for females already into dominance.

      1. Thank you for your detailed reply. Your sound criticism raises a pertinent point. An image is a strong, direct communicator, and first impressions are lasting.

        To date there are only four images in public circulation that I know of representing this project. The cover art for the book does suggest the stereotypical dominatrix, and the only photo of the creators was taken in similar costume, although in fairness, it was in the context of attending a convention. The remaining photos are publicity stills, the one you make reference to and another even more suggestive of the stereotypical setting. Alone and on their face they do, indeed, tend to invoke the standard media fantasy scene.

        Ms. Lane does admit to wearing leathers from time to time, but she sees it as a tool to use against her submissive, much in the way you wield your body and other more normal items of fashion to which bitchboy is responsive. She has blogged on this on another platform.

        The ladies pursuing this project might be well advised to take note of your response and carefully consider how they portray their project in promotional materials. That said, I have seen some behind-the-scenes footage of the initial production, a first scene that will produce a trailer. The two women lead characters are in the front room of a residential home wearing everyday cocktail dresses and sipping champagne. When the male character arrives on scene, he is in coat and tie, although somewhat disheveled due to his unusual mode of travel. There is no hint of fetish clothing or paraphernalia. (See in particular the end of this clip: https://vimeo.com/496286240/d63684c5e8 )

        Too, I have read the book and have benefit of its broader context, and I would represent that the focus of the work is on the relationship, not the accoutrement. Consider this quote from the project description website page ( http://www.artvamp.com/studio/category/news/ ): “In increasingly devious and carefully conceived steps, Renee begins stripping Butler of his autonomy as he pines to live with her and eventually marry her. The more cruel she becomes, the more cemented his love and devotion. But the plan is not without snags. Renee pushes too far too fast and Butler finds himself lost in the vanilla world once again, only to come crawling back, begging for enslavement. The idea of a woman treating him as an equal leaves him bored and disenchanted. Both realize that his escape is unthinkable, and that neither of them want to stop the games of torture, humiliation, and degradation that have become a way of life.”

        Their story very much put me in mind of your insightful writings on the symbiotic nature of your own relationship, your own frankly sadistic pleasures and the inborn submissive needs of your partner. In fact, to measure on your lifestyle scale, their relationship may be deeper than yours in terms of time spent in DS vs. vanilla roles, but lesser in terms of the severity of the DS activities.

        I do hope subsequent publicity materials will broaden the context and give a better indication of the true spine of the story. It is an erotic adventure, but it is also a love story, very much relationship-focused. Admittedly theirs is an ambitious undertaking. It may fall short of the ideal, miss the mark for some, but perfection can be the enemy of the good. I think it could at least help open a dialogue in the non-porn world, and wouldn’t that be great?

        In any case, thanks again for your attention and input. Yours is an educated and experienced voice on this subject, and your opinions carry weight.

        1. Thank you for your considerate and generous reply.
          A few points.
          In my response, I did not mention leathers as quite a number of vanilla women like leather, and Ms Lane is not vanilla so what she wears is not really relevant. Which brings me to the issue that; it seems most long-term Dommes actually find it impossible to put themselves in the mind of a vanilla woman or to go back to their mind when they were vanilla.

          Regarding the video; I agree the outfits and ambience are excellent but, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Can you see a vanilla women feeling comfortable about imagining their man crawl along a public resedential street, or feeling absolutely horrified?

          For completeness, I may as well continue with my critique regarding the quote.

          The average vanilla woman would HATE:
          # to need to be devious with the man she loves,
          # to be involved in any potential to push too far in stripping the man she loves of his autonomy
          # to have the man she loves come crawling back or beg for enslavement.
          # To be involved in anything to with the words; torture, humiliation, or degradation.

          It does look like a movie I will enjoy a great deal, if it gets made, and no doubt most people in our community will too and it is so, so much better for the community than most films that have involved femdom.


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