The most provocative images (Part 2)

A sad thing dawned on me as a result of my recent blog post on provocative femdom images.

First, thank you to all the submissive males who commented and confirmed the type of images I suggest, are very affecting for them.

Second, the point of this post: It is almost certainly true and so quite sad, that the overwhelming majority of femdom images on the net probably put off novice women , who might otherwise consider dominating their male.

These potential domestic Dommes not being attracted to, or being able to, imagine themselves dolled up in PVC, a corset, and thigh boots or imagine themselves having access to a well equipped dungeon, while looking like a Miss World. But that is what the overwhelming majority of femdom images on the net would have the uninitiated believe femdom is all about.

Whereas, were they to mostly see femdom images depicting women of any age and attractiveness, relaxing on a sofa or comfortable armchair or sun lounger,dressed in marginally sexy clothes or just everyday clothes. And these women watching TV , or doing a craft – like knitting, or reading a book, or chatting on the phone, or enjoying some social media time, while their submissive endures a torment, perhaps they would be attracted to, and see themselves in such a role.

Or of course, seeing the males providing the relaxed females with many huge orgasms with zero demands on the females to reciprocate.

I would invite a submissive male to find for me an existing blog or site, or begin themselves, a free blog, or perhaps a BDSMLR site, of curated images of the type I describe.

This idea does worry me though. (I am so hard to satisfy!) The innate male toxic competitive drive tends to mean most male managed image sites are full of barely relevant images to their theme. The males seeming much more intent on obtaining the MOST images, (like its a competition), rather than focussing only on truly relevant images.


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30 thoughts on “The most provocative images (Part 2)

  1. I would think the closest people to what you describe Ms Scarlet were Young Dommes by Harsh Media, though they are sadly no longer filming, you can see through this site dedicated to them, that they did not dress up for the subs that served or suffered at their hands:

    With personal experience, of attending four such shoots with them, this boy can blissfully recall very clearly being kept naked throughout the proceedings clothing left in another room, not just during the shoot, shivering away, being embarrassed throughout as the production crew, visiting friends and young dommes themselves remained in their normal attire – so pretty much pure CFnm throughout.

    1. Thank you. The clothing element does hit the mark but I think the entirety fails overall because the age difference suggests the older men are paying to visit a dominatrix for a limited duration and the dominatrix rarely rests and ignores, but constantly is active in abusing the male to earn her fee. Great clothing element though!

  2. Great post.
    I feel these fetish wear types of photo’s are more about the pro’s not a normal Woman. I dominate my husband full time in what ever I have on, mostly my daily hack around clothing. Many times in my sweatpants. A man needs to worship his wife in any clothing or surroundings she chooses.

    1. Thank you. The clothing element does hit the mark, as dos them not looking like Miss World, but I think the entirety fails overall because the age difference suggests the older men are paying to visit a dominatrix for a limited duration and the dominatrix rarely rests and ignores the sub, but constantly is active in abusing the male to earn her fee. Great clothing element though!

      1. Thank you Maam, the main Domme and her sub were partners though so that was an ongoing 24/7 relation. There are pictures of subs doing house work around, ofcourse pictures of a Domme doing nothing and the slave being in another room doing chores are about impossible to make to get the propper meaning across just like a picture of cornertime doesn’t convey the boredom and suffering of having to stand there. Maybe the Dominant women in this group would be up for sharing some of their favourite images/videos. Maybe we could even get to see what Nurse Linnex looks like in action.

        1. I agree there are a few shots of a relaxing Domme and a sub doing housework but the age difference is still a problem, strongly suggesting a dominatrix / client relationship. A chastity cage is also rare in these shots, which I think is most desirable.

          There are a few split screen shots on BDSMLR which are quite good. Showing a female undertaking an activity in one comfortable room and a sub chained up in a cellar for instance. Too often the woman is very young and / or amazingly beautiful though. (My only problem with young is if the sub is not.)

          I disagree with you, (perhaps just because of my lifestyle and pitilessness), about the few shots there are of a woman relaxing and a male doing corner-time not conveying the passing of time. I always imagine the sub HAS been there for quite some time and I love those shots. Perhaps again split screen shots could be good.

          The first showing the scene I before described and then another with the caption, ‘An hour later.’ in which the sub remains as in the first shot but the female has changed slightly. Perhaps she is reading in the first shot and on the phone in the second shot. Obviously this not limited to only corner-time: Scrubbing floors, writing lines, cleaning boots, colouring-in with dolly, facing the wall reciting nursery rhymes with actions, etc. etc.

  3. Hello Ms Scarlet,

    May you please write us an update on how bitch-boy has been milked since your last post about it till now. Thank you.

      1. I meant an update if he is still getting milked only under your sole or if he has had a fulfilling irgasm using your hand.

                  1. Yes, surely! Since his milking should never be pleasurable. The filth gets released for health purposes only.

                  2. I live in Canada, but love your blog and the way you treat that excuse of a man. You treat it the way it should always be treated!

                  3. None have been worthy of my company yet. If I do find a live-in sub he should make sure that his filth will be every atleast 3 months with no skin to skin contact and he must be on his best behavior throughout to get a so-called “full orgasm” under the shoe I will be wearing on my outings that day with zero lubricant which will be painful. It’s not like that it will be used anytime soon, so it will be healed by the next release.

  4. Madam you’ve set someone a huge task to find the potent images you describe. In order for them to be valid it’s essential that the viewer believe the back story accompanying them. Without this it’s impossible to distinguish between genuine pics and ordinary vanilla ones of women wearing moderately sexy clothes relaxing or worse, claiming that just out of shot there’s a sub suffering for her pleasure when there could be nothing of the kind.

    A pic posted, say, by someone of your standing and credibility would be believed in a heartbeat without anyone needing to see the suffering sub but anyone else unknown to the viewer at face value off the internet? Now that really would be expecting a giant leap of faith.

    1. When it comes to helping persuade a woman to try out being a Domme, pics of ordinary vanilla women wearing moderately sexy clothes, of average attractiveness and a wide range of ages, relaxing, allowing the fantasy that just out of shot there’s a sub suffering for her pleasure, would be better than most of the pics currently published under the banner of femdom.

      And pics where such normal women, of average attractiveness and a wide range of ages, that do have a sub suffering for her pleasure would be better still.

      1. I love it! I spend a lot of time in chastity but there is always the temptation to pull out the back. I might need to get a piercing now.

  5. I love your post. I confessed to my wife about my sissy side, and I wear chastity device full time and the key you guessed it right is with my wife. I hardly get any release from the device.

    She is a normal vanilla loving girl, but has started to enjoy the power she now has over me. I do exactly what you said, i may massage her feet when she watches television or chats on phone. I do the housework while she may just enjoy some rest. She does not need to wear a sexy dress or corset to own me.

  6. You may have received this information already but perhaps this blog would meet your blog criteria- Thank you for amazing blog.

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