More intense dickie-discipline

So interesting that I got three comments on yesterdays post and each comment mentioned the same thing. Using a condom after the application of the Linnex Stick to make the ‘burn’ more intense.

And one comment from Pat, who I must thank for her contributions, for the suggestion of experimenting with Capsaicin Cream which may ‘burn’ even more than the Linnex Stick!

While I am very grateful for these suggestions and will bank them in my ‘future ideas store’, I have to say, given I like to have escalation potential when dealing with a submissive, I currently have plenty of escalation potential with the Linnex Stick; given how small the area of application was in my experiment and how distressing bitch-boy found it. I know the threat of an identical application will have him begging with all his heart, (pleasurable for me but for him pointless), and still then, there is the escalation available.

  • Covering a much, much greater area of the shaft,
  • Applying it to the head of the penis,
  • A second application, 40 minutes after the first,
  • An application just before he is released from bondage to do colouring-in with his dollies, while it ‘burns’. And having to try to maintain a semblance of composure for his forced role play activity. (If he finds it impossible to maintain a semblance of composure and engage in muted, tranquil verbal exchanges with his dolly, then perhaps I will have him in silence, colouring-in, while padlocked into his pacifier strap.)

The first draft of my Manual is now finally complete! 110,000 words. Below is the short section in the Manual on Escalation Potential for those followers who do not know what that means.

Escalation potential is essential in a long term relationship because submissives learn to cope with things if the ‘things’ stay the same. For instance, early in the life of a submissive being dominated, a two minute bare hand spanking may be more than they think they can cope with. But after say, twenty such spankings, they will have learned, (at least subconsciously) that they do not break, that they quickly recover, that the discomfort is soon over; and a two minute bare hand spanking no longer meets the requirement of being more than they think they can cope with. So escalation is required. In this example the spanking must become of three minutes duration, or a hair brush is used instead of a bare hand.

Another reason escalation potential is critical is so that a SERIOUS punishment can be delivered if the submissive has committed a serious infraction and the dominant who needs to convey a considerable deterrent; needs to make a statement.

A third reason escalation potential is important is that it is critical to be able to provide an intensely emotional event from time to time. Intensely emotional for both the submissive and the dominant. Now and again, I will push one of my submissives well past what they think they can cope with. A LONG, LONG WAY PAST! The result of this level of cruelty is usually very considerable arousal for me and, once the event is over, the submissive holds me in awe and feels a compelling need to worship me. Perfect symbiosis. And they probably sleep more soundly than ever in submissive contentment.

If all torments and punishments are at the maximum, there is nowhere to go to deal with a really serious infraction. In addition, the opportunities are reduced to have a submissive beg with all their heart repeatedly as the dominant, just for fun, moves up the escalation steps one step at a time, over a few hours or a day or two.


25 thoughts on “More intense dickie-discipline

  1. Such wonderfuly intelligent words from a true superior. As a submissive who doesn’t truly know his potential the concept of intensification applied gradually and exponentially is at once scary and at the same time intoxicating. The emotional closeness of suffering for a superior and then worshipping her is a space I would like to stay in for ever.

  2. Thank you for your continued experiments with the escalation potential of warming salves. Perhaps, if you choose to try Caucasian Cream, you might try using it only on the ‘taint’ or the perineum as a precursor to use elsewhere.


  3. Have You ever considered taking a jalapeño pepper and slicing the flesh of the inside and inserting it into the urethra? Perhaps there might be a medical concern I have over looked.

    boy michael

    1. I have used the fresh flesh of a chilli pepper, but I would not push it inside for two reasons. Firstly the skin of the urethra is very sensitive and easily torn and damaged so I only use things I am 100% certain will not cause annoying damage. (Annoying for me!). And secondly, without taking that risk there are plenty of other options to cause excruciating pain to that nasty little tune of flesh, far beyond what bitch-boy can cope with, so why take the risk?

      I do think the male’s innate need to compete, so on this issue, seek what could be the worst thing in the world, always misses the point that as long as there are safe options to go beyond what the submissive can cope with, why keep looking for worse still? Always fascinates me.

  4. Dear Mistress – I have been reading your journals on Kindle and enjoying them very much. I note that you permit bitch-boy to pleasure you orally, and that he is permitted to orgasm either by prostate milking, masturbation or stimulation while he is constrained in his tube. With regards to your approach of escalation, is it on the cards to reduce his normal masculine sexual function permanently? Would you prefer that he was not capable of sex in a normal manner at all? For instance would you consider using spoiled orgasms to “train” him to become a premature ejaculator, or increasing the terms of his chastity to induce permanent / semi-permanent shrinkage?

    1. His physical contact with my body has been reduced greatly, so licking me is infrequent now. I am afraid I have never heard of fact based accounts of either using spoiled orgasms to “train” him to become a premature ejaculator, or increasing the terms of his chastity to induce permanent / semi-permanent shrinkage. I am afraid I think such things are myths that cannot be achieved in real life.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to respond; I appreciate your reply. (I can offer myself as proof of such training (!) but understand that it is not part of your regime.)

          1. I have been in a relationship with my mistress for over 20 years. After exploring many aspects of D&S and S&M we have arrived at a real-world situation where she controls me by having removed my ability to perform. Affecting my sexual performance took about a year, this was three and a half years ago now and the treatment has continued since that time, and the effects are very real. The method was to bring me to orgasm and remove all stimulation just prior to ejaculation which encouraged me to “jump the gun”. She would do this to me sometimes twice a day. In less than a month I began to squirt before I had truly come. I would be left bound and dribbling afterwards until all sexual arousal had evaporated and the chance to regain any pleasure had been lost. Another method was/is to lubricate my limp penis and stimulate it softly, stopping when it stiffened. Using this method she would edge me until I began to dribble. A dribble – the precum – was time to stop. My penis was allowed to become flaccid (standing out in the cold, or a cold bath) and then stimulated again, the point being to induce an orgasm only when the penis is limp. Gradually I became used to cumming with a soft cock, and I associated this with her. The longer the period of chastity beforehand or the more I was stimulated, the more likely I was to cum while I was not erect. So the technique is one of edging and interruption. Release is the punishment because the orgasm is not associated with pleasure, only disappointment. And it’s done over a very long time. This is our real lovemaking: I stimulate her and pleasure her orally, and she only ever permits me to come if I am limp. Before we met I was a strong lover: now I couldn’t perform for anyone. I cannot maintain and erection and I ejaculate prematurely. She enjoys telling people that I have sexual problems, which excites me further. I am permitted to rub against her when my cock is limp and she tells me fondly what a weak lover I am. She teases me that I couldn’t fuck anyone. The frustration and humiliation is real 24-7. You were asking if it is permanent. I have been in this state for over three years now and do not want it to change because it gives her true public power over me. It is a locked collar that is never removed. Building up tension for a slave and allowing their release now and then still gives them pleasure: the pleasure of being dominated, and the pleasure of release. This method removes all pleasure from orgasm: there is no relief.

            1. Very interesting. So the issue I am most sceptical about, of the penis shrinking which I believe is biologically impossible, is not what you are saying has happened.

              Can I ask, if for some reason you were presented with the opportunity to jerk off, alone and in the most pleasurable way. Would you get a full erection and have a full orgasm?

              1. That’s correct. But if you read around 24/7 chastity sights you will find many reports of penis shrinkage with supporting photographs. Subjects say their penis will take as long to return to “normal” as it was confined in a reduced cage or similar. So you really could reduce your sub’s penis if you chose to, and that would remain in effect for the short to medium term. (Pun unintended.)

                If I masturbate I can gain a semi-erection but not a full hard cock, and the precum / premature ejaculation occurs before I can achieve orgasm.

  5. A belated response but I did wish to share further. Yes, the addition of a condom is a wonderful way to further enhance the pain and something I have used. I will often place a condom on prior to adding the wheat pack, piping hot from the microwave to wrap around his appendage. After all, it helps keep the heat pack clean! Medicinal treatments and good hygiene are of course important.
    Another wonderful way of increasing the pain, is to take advantage of what you so eloquently describe as the ‘farmyard animal effect’. For this I will gently play with his nipples until that reddened appendage springs erect. As you know it engorges in this state with blood, and the heat this brings with it greatly escalates the pain. With its total coating of Linnex, it really seems to create a very nasty effect. It is so amusing as he tries to get away from my caresses, that he would normally adore! Of course there is no escape. And when he begs for me to cease, I love to gently smile and advise, “I really can’t understand why the fuss. Obviously your little appendage must enjoy it all or he wouldn’t be poking his head up so strongly to ask for more.”
    Ys, this is the most delightful punishment, it takes so little to cause such prolonged agony and amusement, amusement for me that is!

    1. You are so deliciously mean Christine.
      Governess Lexi loves to talk to bitch-boy about how he must like whatever cock torture she is about to employ, as she makes his little cock hard before the torture starts. It is amusing, and the ‘beast of the farmyard’ phenomenon, as well as being amusing, does help justify such treatments – highlighting how base and animalistic males are in having zero self control – even in the most critical circumstances.

  6. This may be of interest. According to a recent article in The New York Times, Capsaicin “has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that may be linked to disease prevention.”

    So applying Capsaicin Cream, in moderation, may have a health benefit beyond its obvious value in rather intense reaction and behavioral modification. :-)


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