Shaming at least every two minutes

Well I looked into Rita’s wonderful idea. Which was rather than use a tea timer, use a chess clock to maximise the humiliation of bitch-boy colouring-in with his dolly’s help. However when it came to purchasing a chess timer, I could not work out which timers had an alarm, how they operated, etc. But while looking at chess timers this popped up on the screen. A two minute sand timer. I did a trial and two minutes is perfect so I have ordered one. Wonderful that the two minute sand timer is BABY PINK. So good for parody of little girls!



5 thoughts on “Shaming at least every two minutes

  1. BB really doesn’t stand a chance with you does he MsScarlet
    He must be fretting big time about you being around more to supervise his days when you give up work!

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