Shaming at least every two minutes

Well I looked into Rita’s wonderful idea. Which was rather than use a tea timer, use a chess clock to maximise the humiliation of bitch-boy colouring-in with his dolly’s help. However when it came to purchasing a chess timer, I could not work out which timers had an alarm, how they operated, etc. But while looking at chess timers this popped up on the screen. A two minute sand timer. I did a trial and two minutes is perfect so I have ordered one. Wonderful that the two minute sand timer is BABY PINK. So good for parody of little girls!



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5 Responses to Shaming at least every two minutes

  1. fluffy says:

    BB really doesn’t stand a chance with you does he MsScarlet
    He must be fretting big time about you being around more to supervise his days when you give up work!

  2. Mistress Scarlet Fan says:

    You should buy him a Barbie doll.

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