My ideal life depicted

Well, where can you get these umbrellas???? I would never have believed an umbrella might depict the perfect life for me!

This image is from a BDSMLR site and I have had bitch-boy photoshop the bottom of the image as I continue to be paranoid about my blog being deleted by WordPress for ‘obscene’ images.

THIS LINK will take you to the uncensored image. You may have guessed the beautiful womens’ front feet are on the face of a naked man lying face up. The uncensored image supported by the umbrella pattern could not be more in line with my ideal life, as long as the begging male is singular, just bitch-boy, and I have my girlfriend all to myself. And as I have decided there will come a time, not too far away, when bitch-boy no longer is allowed any orgasms. The dynamic then would be so, so perfect. Sometimes perhaps seeing, always hearing,  the orgasmic screams of my lover and I.

The BDSMLR site itself, Humiliated in Public, does have a good number of images I like; some of which are already re-blogged to my BDSMLR site.   In time, I will have bitch-boy go through the whole, Humiliated in Public, site to re-blog all the images I like. It goes without  saying I do not like the images of males publicly humiliating females, but some of them depict great ideas and I can imagine myself in the male’s role.

I do like dominating submissive females as I think you all know, and I also like Domme females and switch females as collaborators and lovers too. I am thinking of starting a Lezdom blog and Lezdom BDSMLR site if I can find the time, so it might never happen.


For info on my BDSM manual, in several formats, click on an image below.


19 thoughts on “My ideal life depicted

  1. The most chilling, cruel and scary sentence…

    And as I have decided there will come a time, not too far away, when bitch-boy no longer is allowed any orgasms.

    I felt my tummy flip in fear for your boy….

  2. It’s nice to see two beautiful women standing on the slave’s upturned face unashamedly. No words needed: the action says everything about the gulf in status between them and the thing under their feet.

  3. Dear Mistress Scarlett,
    My wife and I have been following your blog for some time and the part that most fascinates is the one that concerns the domination of two women over a man, which is exactly what concerns my wife and me.
    In fact, she and I are a 48 and 55-year-old lesbian couple, regularly married since 2013, and we live with my ex-husband (59 years old) who is our slave.
    I work as a lawyer in a major law firm and my wife has a little real estate agency.
    My ex-husband, on the other hand, quit his previous job in advertising to live full time as our domestic slave.
    It was my ex-husband who introduced me to female domination, and our marriage has always been oriented towards Female Lead Relationship and Femdom.
    From a young age, I have always had an attraction for girls too and I have always struggled with being bisexual.
    When I met my new wife, however, I realized that my true orientation was lesbian and that towards men I felt only a very strong desire for domination.
    I started cheating on my husband with my current wife and, after a very short time, I realized that it was her I wanted.
    I told her about my husband and my relationship with him and she, to my surprise, understood and accepted.
    Solo demanded that all sexual relations with my husband cease.
    I accepted with enthusiasm this rule and, from that time, chastity, which was already an erotic game that we practiced constantly, has become a fixed obligation for my husband.
    As for my husband, the idea of being dominated by two women excited him, but on the other hand the idea of ending all sexual intercourse with me terrified him.
    However, when I placed him before the choice of being my slave in chastity or leaving me, he immediately submitted.
    After a few months of dating, to my wife and I it was clear that we loved each other and wanted to live together.
    I then explained to my husband that I no longer felt anything for him as a man and that his only place could be as a slave, otherwise he could leave me without any rancor on my part.
    As I expected, he preferred to submit and our new relationship began.
    After a couple of years of living together, my partner and I decided we wanted to get married.
    I then forced my husband to divorce and, again, I gave him the choice of either going his own way or accepting to live as our full-time slave, quitting his job and putting all his possessions in my name.
    Once again, as I expected, he has decided to submit.
    Today my wife and I live a splendid life that is totally fulfilling emotionally, sentimentally, sexually and professionally, while my ex-husband lives a life of slavery, service, humiliation, chastity, bondage and suffering.
    And all three of us are perfectly in our place.
    Ours, therefore, is a perfectly fulfilling lifestyle.
    Thank you for your contribution to the spread of female domination.


    1. Thank you so much for the comment. I see your arrangement as the perfect one. A true submissive like your slave cannot help but choose to be properly dominated and exploited rather than have a life without that domination and exploitation; no matter how severe it gets. The three of you achieving symbiotic contentment. I would adore to hear more about your day to day lives. How you and your wife live and how your slave is ‘used and abused and humiliated’. Please tell more.

      1. He had the choice not to I think. He was not made to as far as I can see. He chose that, surely, so he could live his fantasy life. And I can imagine he may be utterly content so doing.

        1. Dear Scarlett,
          It will be an honor to describe something about our everyday life and the ways in which we use and abuse our slave.
          But first I would like to answer Sue.
          I find nothing wrong with what happened to the slave.
          Each of us has the right and duty to make choices. Choices that often involve sacrifices. even large.
          I decided that I no longer wanted a husband but a wife and I chose, together with my wife, that we both would like to have a slave.
          A real slave. Which had therefore to be totally ours and totally in our power.
          No games.
          And the slave was free to choose.
          Three times he could choose to be free without me or to submit as my slave.
          I gave him the choice between living in total chastity as my slave or being free, with all his possessions and his work, but without seeing me again.
          He knew what I meant by total chastity.
          Yet he begged me to keep him as a slave.
          I gave him the choice between leaving me without rancor, still young, free and rich, or accepting a role of total slavery when my wife came to live with us.
          He knew what kind of submission we would expect.
          Once again he begged to be kept as a slave.
          When I decided to divorce him, he again had a choice.
          He could sign a divorce agreement in which he kept all of his assets and was totally free of any obligation to me, but he would never see me again.
          Or he could agree to remain as my and my wife’s slave, but this time it had to be true slavery.
          He had to be really totally dependent on my wife and I and totally possessed.
          For this he had to resign and sell all his assets to me.
          He knew what kind of life he would have.
          Yet again he submitted..
          So I didn’t force him to do anything.
          He voluntarily accepted without constraint to become the slave he is.
          Evidently, living without me would have been harder and more cruel than living in his lowest condition of total slavery.
          It was his life choice (the last one he was free to make) that no one should judge.
          I hope to soon have time to tell you some aspect of our life and our domination.
          If there is any particular aspect that interests you first, you would facilitate the pleasant task for me.
          A sincere greeting

          1. Any particular aspect. LOL, I am shamelessly so curious about EVERYTHING in your arrangement.
            Regarding him.
            His chastity regime and would you like him added to the BAV register?
            Does he do all the chores and is he punished, (if so how), if here is inadequate performance.
            Is he tormented in any way simply for the pleasure of you and/or your wife?
            What does he do if you and your wife are engaged in activities like watching TV or going out for the day?
            What are his sleeping arrangements?

            And I probably have more questions if I have a think.

          2. Thanks for the explanation. I do feel a lot better about your situation – though I worry about his prospects if you decide you no longer want him around (and old man with no assets or family would die miserably on the streets in my country).

            But I have to push back on the idea that “he had a choice” is the ultimate “get out moral jail free card”. For example “cut off your hands or never see your children again” is technially a choice but also utterly monsterous.

            Take care

            1. I am a bit confused by your ‘push back’ reasoning. He clearly had a choice because he literally did, make a choice. No one forced him to go in any direction. And your analogy in support of your no choice argument is fatally flawed because the choice was not between two terrible things, as your analogy suggests. It was between two very agreeable things. Live as he was, doing his job and with lots of wealth but single, or live his fantasy dream life, but with no job and no financial control. A more accurate analogy would be; he could have the champagne but no caviar, or the caviar but no champagne.

              Many vanilla men make similar choices when they continue to live with someone they no longer love, for the sake of, and to live with, the children. Like Mistress Corrine’s slave, they can have something they really want but it comes with something they do not. BUT, the majority of submissive males HATE compromise. They want authenticity and to be TOTALLY controlled. That is what they crave and what brings them their ultimate contentment.

              You also seem to have made the assumption that, were he to stop being a slave, he would be thrown out as an old man with no assets or family. Mistress Corinne has only indicated that as her slave, he must have no financial control. (Which I am sure he adores given he is a true submissive.) It is interesting the different assumptions we make. I considered, (and consider), Mistress Corinne to be a very reasonable person and I assumed if, for some reason, he were to stop being her slave, Mistress Corinne would set him up financially, as a parting gift, on top of the state pension he would get, which in many countries is quite adequate.

              1. Dear Scarlett,
                I am sorry not to be able to discuss the conditions of slavery of slave, but I am forced to answer Sue again.
                Given that I share, word for word, what you have already written, I want to clarify a few more things.
                The example that Sue gave as a possible ‘choice’ seems to me absolutely irrelevant and even offensive.
                In Sue’s example, the ‘choice’ would be between two things that would both violate the protagonist’s most elementary rights.
                In the choice of salve, if you think about it, no violation of rights was included.
                Slave could be free, without any consequence, any kind of obligation. Anything.
                Only he could no longer have relations with me.
                But having relations with me was certainly not his right!
                If we had been a ‘vanilla’ couple, I would have simply left him, and he would have had no right to stop me or to stay with me in any way!
                Having both a strong passion for BDSM, I offered them an alternative.
                A life as a slave.
                Harsh, humiliating and cruel.
                He could say no,
                Instead he accepted.
                In total freedom.
                Sue does not know that Slave, as a teenager, had an incredible and irrepressible desire for submission to women. Sue does not know that slave started practicing self bondage when he was just 15 years old.
                Sue does not know that slave had a ‘sissy maid’ outfit and a ‘Gimp’ outfit (you know Pulp Fiction) and that he wore them, in self bondage, long before he met me.
                Sue doesn’t know that slave literally begged me to try Femdom and that every time we reached a level of submission she begged me to take it a step further.
                Sue does not know that the life condition of salve, however extreme in the eyes of a layman (I have read your posts on the subject and I share them, but I can’t get a better word) brings emotional satisfaction to him at least as much as my wife and me!
                Slave, inside himself, always wanted to be the total slave of the woman he loves. And now it is.
                If I loved him, even as a slave, and if he could have some kind of real sexual relief, his life would be the perfect fulfillment of his desires.
                He cannot have it all, because to me he is only a slave and because his chastity regime is particularly cruel.
                But the life of total submission, humiliation, bondage, torture and chastity that he lives certainly makes him more satisfied and happy than many ‘free’ men are.
                As for the future of a slave, Sue doesn’t have to worry.
                First of all, for my wife and I, living our life as a couple in love being able to abuse and cruelly torment a truly total slave is such a perfect condition that it would hardly occur to us to free slave.
                It would not be easy to find a replacement (I know that many of your readers will now be saying that they would be ready to replace slave, but take care of wath you wish…)
                Either way, Sue needn’t worry.
                Here no one is a criminal and I certainly would not let the slave who dedicated his submission to me die in the street! (in my country, however, there is social assistance which makes this hypothesis very difficult).
                Slave is formally hired as a senior employee in my wife’s company.
                Obviously, he does not receive a salary, but he is paid pension contributions.
                So, in a few years, the right to a pension will mature and, if we ever decide to get rid of him (which I exclude anyway) he would have a good pension to live with.
                He does not know this and will never know until he is eventually freed, because we want his condition of slavery to appear without any kind of hope.
                I hope Sue is calmer now and next time I’ll start telling you something more about the life of my wife, mine and of slave.
                Best wishes

      2. As MsScarlet mentioned, it reads to me as though it was consensual and with agency. I personally aspire to a slave/slave-marriage like that as, imo, financial control is one of the truest forms of control and submission in our society.

  4. Hello dearest MsScarlet,

    Altough it might be slightly off-topic, i would like to share something with you and your followers…
    About 2 months ago my wife/owner took me to a piercingshop (in The Hague, Netherlands) and had both my nipples pierced. She told me her goal is to stretch the holes bit by bit once they are healed until small padlocks fit. Lately most of the nights when im with her (we are married for 10 yrs, but live 90mls apart from eachother) she restrains me on our torturebed and the thought of running an extra chain around my chest which could directly be padlocked to my nipples rather kept exciting her so she took this step. The diameter is now 1.6mm and it will take a few months for them to heal. After that the holes will get stretched bit by bit to about 4mm diameter so the padlocks can be fitted once im restrained.
    Like i said, it might be off-topic but i thought you might enjoy the idea…

    Greetings Edwin

    1. I love bondage involving piercings. That’s one reason bitch-boy has a frenum piercing to secure his chastity cage. In case you did not know, simply hanging weights from a piercing will enlarge the hole, as well as using tapered needles with lube.

      1. Dear Ms Scarlet,

        Thanks for your reply, my wife already has stirrups ready to attach the stretchingweights and the e-stim to. But the holes have to be fully healed first. As i am permanently caged we dont use my frenumpiercing because my chastitycage is fully closed.
        Time will tell whats going to happen to me…

        Greetings Edwin

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