Extreme Christmas Perversity

I had just the best Christmas day! I can’t say the same for bitch-boy. His new dress is, for him excrutiatingly, appallingly, humiliating. I LOVE it!  And it creates the look I was after as shown in this drawing. I can’t see how anything could be designed to be more humiliating! He is to be presented to Governess Lexi in it this week. He is beside himself.

I had 7 huge orgasms Christmas day. One thing I wanted to report on was a tiny moment, but it really filled me with a luscious feeling of utmost cruel power and utter heartlessness. I had bitch-boy strapped helplessly on the BDSM bed, legs secured wide apart. I had been torturing his hard little clitty with ruler smacks and with pegs for quite a while and also pleasing myself with my Magic Wand vibrator. I had just recovered from an orgasm and I applied a heavy coating of Deep Heat to his clitty. He began to sob and I noticed a magazine on the side. I had been reading an interesting article before I began his torture. I sat in the bedroom chair and began reading the article and leafing through the magazine while bitch-boy sobbed and sobbed and whimpered. The contrast of my relaxed, contented demeanour, and his profound agonising misery was STARK!

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14 Responses to Extreme Christmas Perversity

  1. Fluffy says:

    Oh my!
    That outfit is super humiliating!!!!!!!!
    No wonder he beside himself

  2. I can recommend “Hearos ultimate softness” earplugs if you want to make him feel more isolated. I have used wax earplugs before, but they only cover the outside of the ear canal. Although it does take a bit more practise to get them in, they are super comfortable (I can wear them all night no problem).

    32db noise reduction, combined with ear defenders and he’ll be in a private world with nothing else to focus on except the burning agony between his legs

    • I find this very hard to believe, having tried a number of foam inserts which enter the ear canal only and are lightweight. Have you ever tried silicone ear plugs. They are heavy and as well as entering the ear canal can then be shaped to cover the ear opening on the fleshy part of the ear. They do need quite a bit of moulding and shaping to be perfect. My testing has the silicone wax plugs as far more effective than foam inserts??

      • I admit I haven’t used silicone ones before, only wax ones. For me, I found that they didn’t provide enough seal inside the ear canal because the material is soft and flexible instead of expanding.

        Living next to a train line I tried out quite a few different things, earplugs, foam etc. What worked for me was the plugs I mentioned, squished down tight between the fingers first and then inserted RIGHT UP into the ear canal, so that the end of plug is almost invisible. It then expands and seals up, which was the key to stopping any vibration (sound).

        They were the only ones I found comfortable enough to wear all night, but it took me a lot of practise to learn how to “seat” them properly. But once they were, wow it was a new world of total silence.

        Anyway, love your blog and please write more about your discipline sessions when bitchboy is immobilised..interdental brushes, 5 coats of deep heat, lemon juice. So wicked and cruel and hot! Teach him to fear females..

  3. Ade says:

    Wow! I must say, having orgasm right on tormented and denied BB and then just leaving him to suffer there, while just relaxing where he can see your uninterest in his pain, that is very diabolical. Also quite appealing. For last couple of months BB had it considerably rough with You and Governess Lexi, but from Your posts, You seem to be increasingly satisfied over time, which i’d dare to say, is what every submissive wants for his Mistress.

    I would like to compliment You on Your genial way of taking what you want, also on Your stellar blog. I hope BB did great job getting the chocolate of your soles. I wish you all the best for New Year and also to BB and Governess Lexi. Thank You for another year of amazing insight into Your life.

    Yours Truly,

  4. sissy jamieanne says:

    bb’s new dress does indeed sound mortifying, Ma’am! And I’m sure he’ll be beside himself with humiliation in Governess Lexi’s presence (I’m also sure She’ll see to that!!!).

    I’m happy You had a lovely Christmas, and bb had the privilege of suffering for Your pleasure, Ma’am! I’m sure he thanked You for said privilege?!?!

    Thank You for sharing Your Christmas fun and Your life with us!

    Most humbly,

    sissy jamieanne

  5. Christine Miller says:

    If you like the Deep Heat, you really must get around to buying the Linnex Heat Rub for his “William”. You will love it and I am sure he will totally dread it! My boy most certainly does.

  6. Christine M says:

    It is the only embrocation i use nowadays. He probably ‘earns’ a treatment twice a month. I love to rub it up and down the shaft, then round and round the knob so it is very generously coated in the salve. He has to be restrained, and i often use cling wrap. Forty wraps and forty coats of salve later…. He mostly gets this for a punishment when he displays his male ego, or for unauthorised touching of his liitle william.
    I just bought your journal issue 10. Delightful. I got so many ideas for humiliation when he gets petticoat punishment. Yes, derek has his dollies too. My favourite game, which he hates is tantrums. He has to ask for his dollies. When i say, no; he has to throw a big tantrum to get to play with his dollies. So funny to see a grown man stamping and crying for his dollies If he doesn’t put on a good show, he gets caned. Of course for his tantrum he generally earns a spanking too, before he gets his dolly time!
    So thank you for sharing so many more ideas for his dolly time

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