Perverted pleasure

Yesterday I had lots of perverted pleasure. I dressed bitch-boy in a ridiculous outfit. Exactly like the drawing except : no bonnet, no doll, a huge pink ribbon bow tied very tightly around his shaved genitals,  pink frilled wrist cuffs sporting tinkling bells and his Mary Jane shoes were pink, not black. (Perhaps not so similar to the drawing after all?) He did lots of chores and made me lunch. He had no lunch. On two occasions, he knelt between my thighs and licked expertly as he has been trained to do.

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After lunch I watched a silent movie and had him in place for playing with his trinkets. Given it was 15 days since his last sexual relief, this prolonged teasing made him very desperate. He remained desperate. I was licked again.

He was then put into total sensory deprivation bondage on the custom built bed and he remained there for over three hours. After my first brief torture session of his little clitty I just had to ‘see to myself’ there and then – sitting in a chair looking at my human toy. The sight of him being completely immobile, blind, gagged, deaf and so vulnerable is enough for me to need to satiate the arousal generated.

I visited him three times while he was in his TSD bondage. Each time he was sobbing before I had finished having fun. The Deep Heat cream from the applicator is definitely more intense than normal Deep Heat. Oh….. so much delicious sobbing! And he does not seem to appreciate a ruler smacking delivered just after a fresh application from the applicator!

When I am down stairs while he is in his TSD bondage, I get an overwhelming feeling of power and contentment thinking of my human toy upstairs. I read, I watch TV, I make phone calls – and all the while that pleasing feeling is with me.

When I finally freed him to prepare the evening meal he was very subdued. Delighful.

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8 Responses to Perverted pleasure

  1. Fluffy says:

    What a lovely August Bank Holiday treat for bitch boy, such a lucky boy!
    Did he get fed at all yesterday?

  2. docholiday071 says:

    Wow, you have the ultimate power and personal entertainment at your fingertips!

  3. krnharris says:

    This is the way it should be in ALL marriages.

  4. sissy jamieanne says:

    Mistress Scarlet! Once again Your words simply awe and inspire me…they inspire me to be the best slave and submissive i can possibly be and to strive to please and honour my Superiors at all times! Your writings clearly remind me that it is in the pleasuring of the Mistress…in Her absolute delight that my small bits (perhaps a minor pun) of pleasure should be aroused!

    In this writing You make clear that there was much denial, much suffering, copious sobbing for bitchboy and much pleasure and many orgasms for You…as it should always be!

    In total respect and reverence…

    sissy jamieanne

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